When Life Hits

It’s been a little while since I have been able to blog.  It’s so nice to be back at it and working hard.  I wanted to share this with you as I have a desire to be transparent with my wellness journey with all of you.  I know that this topic is tough, not only for you all, but me as well.  What do we do when life hits you in the teeth?  Life doesn’t pull any punches.  Just when you think things are going well, inevitably, it may seem as if life gets in your way.  Unfortunately, I am not immune to this myself.

Back in the middle of January, I had been working hard to begin the long trek back to getting in the same shape I was in as a college athlete.  I was lifting several days/week and running a few days/week as well.   Just as I was beginning to see improvement, the worst thing that could have happened did. I got injured.  I strained a calf muscle and decided a short time of rest would do it some good as the last thing I wanted was to pop my achilles.  There’s a punch.

As most of you know, we had our ribbon cutting earlier this month.  It was a wonderful success in my opinion.  I was able to meet lots of people and show off our office and brag about how great I am (I’m only slightly kidding!).  Due to the ribbon cutting, my wife and I spent a great amount of time remodeling the office and working to make it look wonderful for everyone that came.  I’m glad we did because I think our office looks fantastic now.  If you’ve ever remodeled, then I’m sure you are aware of how much energy and effort it takes above and beyond the things you are normally doing.  Add in playing mom and dad to three little ones and it was quite the undertaking.  Needless to say, it just added to the punches.

The following weekend, my sister-in-law became very sick and went into the hospital.  I’m sorry to say that the following week, she passed away.  If you’ve ever lost someone close, then you know that there is a period of time when you just can’t function well because of the sadness and the grief.  Add in all the other activities that must be done for that situation and your days are shot.  Again, life was throwing punches.

Once all that is finished, you then have to play catch up with all the things you’ve missed.  Next thing you know, you’re a month down the road and you realize your eating habits have become terrible and you’ve missed a month of exercise.  That has been my life the last month.  How many of you have had the same types of things happen?  I’m sure it’s a lot more common than we’d like to believe.

One of my favorite movie series is the Rock y series.  In the latest edition, Rocky Balboa, there is a scene where he talks to his son and speaks unreal truth.  He tells his son how no one or nothing will hit you harder than life.  My favorite line is this, “It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward!  That’s how winning is done!”  Those words ring so true every day in our lives.  Occasionally life is going to creep up and appear to ruin everything.  Despite all this, the best thing for us is to keep moving forward against all odds.  If you find yourself struggling with poor dietary choices, missing workouts, or even just a little depressed, start small and move forward.  Add in a salad a day, or a piece of fruit, or 5 minutes of walking.  Whatever it takes.  That’s how you punch life back, you don’t let it win.

Yours in Health,

James Ashley, DC

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