What is Your Mission?

Do you have a mission? Better yet, do you know what your mission is? So many of us go through life completely oblivious to our destinies. We are often blind to our purpose and the effect that our lives have on others.  Think for a minute on your mission.  Now, what’s getting in the way of that mission?  What’s stopping you?

Unfortunately, for so many of us today our health is limiting our potential.  We move so fast through life that we neglect the only asset that affects every single thing we do.  Whether we are eating too much fast food, not eating real food, not exercising enough or in some cases at all, or not getting adjusted, our lives suffer because we make choices that try to take us away from our mission.  So many of us are concentrated on so many other things that we allow our health to suffer.  If we could truly make our health a priority, all of our missions would be so much greater.  Your marriage would be better. You could be a better parent.  You could be a more productive employee.  You could enjoy your retirement on your terms.

Invest in your health now.  Invest in your mission.

Yours in Health,

James Ashley, DC

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