The REAL Problem with Obamacare

Some of you read the title and immediately thought this would be an article bashing President Obama or politics.  Quite frankly, let me tell you this article has ZERO to do with the political side of this act and all to do with the health side of this act.  Let me explain.

Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.  Here we are in 2012 and we are continuing down the same road.  Our government has just upheld a law requiring us to get insurance.  Let me begin with a simple question.  How does requiring people to have health insurance improve the health of the nation?  It doesn’t.  At all.  If anything, it is my opinion that it makes us sicker.  Let me preface this with the belief that the government actually thinks they probably are doing good with this and I’ll even go ahead and say they were doing it with pure motives as in they actually believe this will make you healthier (you can interpret that however you wish).

Our healthcare system is broken.  The amount of money spent on healthcare is skyrocketing every year.  We are spending more money on more drugs and surgery than we have spent ever in the history of the entire world!  Yet despite all this, we are continuing to get sicker and sicker.  1 in every 3 people is obese.  That doesn’t include those who are overweight.  Over 1 million people will die this year in the US due to heart disease.  Are those just the ones who forgot to take their pills?  Nope, in fact, they will take a greater number of pills than ever before.  Chronic lifestyle diseases are running rampant.  The reality is that there is nothing in drugs and surgery that will ever eliminate the cause of why we’re getting the lifestyle diseases in the first place.  What has just happened, however, is that the government has just insured that we will continue down this pathway for as long as we possibly can.  They see sickness and disease as the issue.  The problem is that sickness and disease are simply a lack of health.  If you are standing in a dark room and there is light outside, if you open the door will light rush in and fill the room or will the darkness leap out to surround the light?  Just as the darkness will be engulfed by the light, so will your sickness if you begin to add health.  Darkness is a lack of light just as sickness is a lack of health.

We could argue the politics of it for years and years to come.  The fact remains that our children’s health has just been left in the hands of the government and they are following the same pathway that has gotten us to where we are in the first place.  If your desire is to be healthy, please don’t listen to a word any government agency says.  Start reading.  Learn as much as you can.  To truly be successful at anything, you should study those that have come before you and already seen success at that which you are seeking.  Find those people who have phenomenal health and learn everything they know.  Then find more, repeat, and formulate your own opinion.  You have a brain for a reason.  Use it.

And if you are/get sick, I’m sorry.  I know it must be frustrating.  Seek as much information as you can on how to beat your issues.  Or just begin by adding health.

I wish you all the best in your wellness journeys,

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC

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