Below are actual testimonials that we have received from our clients.

“I was diagnosed with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) about 3 years ago.  It is a debilitating condition that causes intense dizziness, nausea, extreme difficulty walking and vomiting that normally lasts about 5 days for me.  My doctor would normally prescribe me a motion sickness pill to take and that was it!  One day, a friend of mine suggested that I see a Chiropractor.  Deciding that anything was worth a shot, I gave Dr. Ashley a call.  I knew from the moment I spoke with him, that he knew what he was doing.  He explained that he had seen numerous patients with BPPV and that they always saw great results.  When I came in for my appointment, Dr. Ashley asked me a series of relevant questions and did an exam.  He made a few adjustments and voila!  I immediately felt a difference and was even able to drive home.  By the next morning, I was as good as new.  Now, as soon as I feel the dizziness coming on, I schedule an appointment and bypass the symptoms altogether.  I recommend Dr. Ashley to anyone who experiences problems with BBPV.  He alone made me a believer in holistic approaches to treatment.  I have also recently started wellness coaching with him. I am very excited about the possibilities that are in store.”

Tiffany – Hutto, TX

“We originally began care with Dr. Ashley four months ago because my 9-year-old daughter was having neck pain. She was also showing signs of Tourrette’s Syndrome which Dr. Ashley noticed right away & we were able to begin treatment for that as well. I couldn’t be happier with the results that I have seen since we started. What I thought was a huge medical issue, turned out to be very treatable with chiropractic care. I am so grateful!”

Lindsey – Georgetown, TX

“I sustained a severe ankle sprain that prevented me from walking without pain. I am an MMA practitioner. At the time of my injury, I was only 4 days away from defending a national title. Without treatment, I would have had to surrender my title.

Treatment increased mobility almost instantly. I was able to place weight on my ankle and use it to pivot.

I could not be more thankful. Dr. Ashley recognized the problem without and scan or x-ray. Moreover, he was confident that he could remedy the issue which put me at ease. He brought me as close to 100% as medically possible and I was able to place 2nd in the nation only 3 days after treatment and 4 days after injury. Thanks Dr. James!”

Brandon – Hutto, TX

“I had severe lower back pain. I could not stand up straight. It was difficult to walk.  I could not care for my child do chores, etc. I have been able to return to my normal daily activities, play sports, and do not live in constant pain.

Dr. Ashley is genuine and has an honest concern for his patients and their well being. The quality of care is far above that which I have experienced in the past! My family and I are so thankful for Dr. Ashley!”

Bethany – Hutto, TX

“I had severe lower back pain. I was unable to go to work, unable to ride in a car, unable to sit and spending all my time in bed.

I am back at work performing all my duties, bending and lifting. Driving my car. I also had trouble sleeping for the past 2 years getting 3 hours per night and now am able to sleep through the night almost every night. I am also standing taller than ever. No more slumped shoulders.

Doctors are quick to give meds and do not look for cause. Dr. Ashley is treating my true problem and helping me to make sure it doesn’t come back. I have also had plantar fasciitis for the last 7 years and was told I need surgery in the future. Dr. Ashley has taken my painful foot away. Gave me back my quality of life.”

Cheryl – Georgetown, TX

“As a competitive CrossFitter, I was suffering with an injury for months. Dr. Ashley helped me from the very first visit! I’m active and on the road to recovery. The best part, I don’t have to give up what I love in order to heal. I am absolutely inspired by his passion for total body wellness. Thank You!!”

Jenn – Round Rock, TX

“I knew Dr. Ashley from my recent job and new he could help me with my injury. I was not able to do much at all. Though it took awhile, I got back into my normal routine.

I’m huge into CrossFit and I wasn’t able to do anything. Though it was an upper body injury, even squating was a struggle. I was for the most part only able to bike, but I’m pretty much back to full function.

This was the first time I’ve ever had this type of treatment, but it was a good and very satisfying first experience.”

Marcus – Pflugerville, TX

“I had TMJ in my jaw and pain in my shoulders. The TMJ was affecting how I ate, what I ate, and anything related to jaw movement. The shoulder and upper back pain started to affect my work, as I work behind a desk all day.

My TMJ is completely gone! Dr. Ashley has worked on the curve alignment of my spine with adjustments and muscle treatment and I no longer feel pain in my shoulders. My neck also stays in a alignment, which allows me to work harder and longer without feeling tension.

I’ve always been the type of person that can not finish a prescription as I loathe taking medications. The education and treatment I received had taken care of what most doctors prescribe for. As a result, I feel healthier with everyday life from the inside out!”

Jeremy – Austin, TX

“I was in enough pain that I could not find relief by sitting, standing or laying flat. I could not concentrate at work and was having trouble sleeping. My leg and back pain are gone. I am able to sit for lengthy periods at work and I am also able to participate in activities with my kids that I wasn’t able to do before.

The care I received from Dr. Ashley has been outstanding. Not only have I recovered physically, but I also now understand what caused the issue and how to properly care for myself to prevent any future injury or harm.”

Heather – Pflugerville, TX



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