Sports Injuries Pflugerville

Each year millions of individuals compete in sporting events across the country. Sports injuries can be avoided to some extend, however there is always the chance an injury will be sustained as a result of an accident. While prevention is key to limit damage, the proper treatment for a sports injury is also important in the recovery process. For some injuries, chiropractic treatments can help speed the recovery process while offering comfort and reducing pain for the individual receiving treatment. Chiropractic treatments can play a role in getting an active person back on their feet again and enjoying the activities they love the most. Chiropractic treatment is beneficial for athletes competing at all levels. More and more professional athletes are turning to chiropractic care to treat sports injuries and alleviate the pain associated with these injuries. The treatments have been found to not only be effective but also in helping an athlete recognize maximum recovery and performance abilities. Chiropractic adjustments used in conjunction with physical therapy can treat injuries affecting muscles, tendons and ligaments. As an avid athlete himself, experienced and well trained chiropractor, Dr. James Ashley, can not only provide the physical relief sought but also provide helpful information to improve stretching and exercise strategies that will aid in the recovery and prevent future injuries from occurring. Call our office at 512-590-9660 to see how we can help your sports injuries.

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