Some Quick Tips

Today I had a patient in the office that has been changing her diet to lose weight. She had decided to go to a specialized clinic which prescribes lots of supplements and specifically designed meals. She initially saw really good results, however, has noticed she has hit a plateau. In addition to this, she also found she’s losing muscle in her weight-loss journey. Here is a bit of what I told her.

You could save a ton of money by just eating real food. You don’t need a ton of doctors and supplements to get where you’re wanting to go, but they can sometimes be beneficial. Real food works. It controls blood sugar and keeps your body full of good nutrients as well.

In regards to why she’s losing muscle, no weight-loss/fat-loss program should ever be undertaken without proper exercise training. In reality, nothing should be done period without exercise. Exercise isn’t just something that will make you look better or feel better, it’s a requirement for health. Your body is designed to move. A lot. When you are losing weight and noticing a decrease in muscle mass, start adding in resistance training of some kind, TODAY. Your body needs to be strong. You deserve to have a good physique and be healthy enough to do random tasks without problems. Work hard and enjoy life!

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC

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