National Teacher Day

Today is National Teacher Day.  While I do think it’s important to thank the teachers that guide and mentor our young ones.  I also think it would be a great idea to recognize other teachers that have helped us grow as individuals.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have done my share of schooling.  I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest minds on the planet and people who are way smarter than I am.

I have different teachers in my life that I have been instrumental in my success.  I’m going to start with college just because it’s easier honestly.  My first and most prominent would be Coaches Howard Ware and Harvey Ware.  They invested his time and effort into teaching me when others may have looked the other way.  They helped me to become an All-American athlete and taught me the value of hard work.  As well, Coach James Wilson not only taught us as students about sports, he spoke to us life lessons.  He was constantly encouraging us to focus on being successful in life, not necessarily in looking good for our peers.

In chiropractic school, I have a few teachers that I really appreciated.  I remember when I was in the process of taking a neuro practical and Dr. Michael Hall told me that he felt with a little work I could be a great doctor.  This was probably a defining moment in my journey because during that exam I felt totally incompetent.  As well, I am appreciative for all the work Drs. Joe Thomas and John Donofrio have offered to our profession.  The fact that they continue to teach all the board reviews and extra seminars where you can get a greater amount of information you’d never learn in school at a price that is very doable for students is a plus as well.  During my time in Parker, perhaps the most influential person was Dr. James Chestnut.  The work that he has put together for overall wellness is astounding.  I use a lot of his analogies on a consistent basis because they’re just so easy to understand.  He was really the one that sparked my interest in general learning for the sake of learning and helping people vs. just because you have to for school.  It has really challenged me to know more than just the basics.

Apart from school, 2 of my biggest teachers have been my c0-workers.  Dr. Allen and Dr. Ghazi are tremendous clinicians and I count myself lucky to have been able to have worked with people of their knowledge caliber.  Away from chiropractic, I’d have to say a big thanks to Sean Croxton of as he has put together so many good things for the health and wellness profession.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Paleo Summit which was put on completely free of charge.  You can see he has a true desire to help humanity.

Last but not least, my other teachers.  I can’t forget my parents who always pushed me to do my best no matter what and instilled a solid work effort in me as well.  The most important teachers I’d have to say would be my wife and kids.  Brittany has been wonderful in helping me through school and is always teaching me how I can be better at whatever I do.  Quite honestly, without all the problems my oldest daughter Téa suffered through when she was younger I might not have ever decided to take this path.  I love all of them with all my heart.

Who are some of the teachers who have been most influential in your life?

Yours in Health,

James Ashley, DC

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