Marathon Training: Final 2

Well, it’s under 2 weeks left to go until my marathon.  What started as a long journey 12 weeks ago is finally coming to a close. This weekend was a very positive one for me. I knocked out a 21 mile run for the first time ever. I was surprisingly fitter than I thought I was and was able to finish faster than I had believed I would. I am excited to see where I will finish. It’s a great test of will both mental and physical. The course that I will be running is much hillier than where I ran the 21 miles and I know the last 5 will be a gut check anyways. I’m ready. I’m ready to knock this out and show myself that I can push beyond both physical and mental limits which can motivate me in a whole new manner! That’s it for today!

Be Blessed!

Dr. James Ashley, DC

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