I Dare You to Fail

As someone who is always working to find the best ways to help my patients, I find myself reading and listening to people who have tasted success in whatever their respective field may be.  My most recent favorite is Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher.  One of the things he talks about over and over is the idea of failure.  He consistently says, “I dare you to fail.”  This may sound funny, but look at it in the context with which he describes from my point of view.

I see a lot of people who are unhealthy every day.  1/3 of our population is clinically obese.  That means 1 out of every 3 people reading this has greatly increased their risk for every type of chronic disease on the planet.  I need you to hear me on this.  1 out of every 3 people will die before they would if they were healthy.  Not only that, how much will they miss out on life?  Will they be able to chase their grandchildren around?  How about see them graduate high school?  College?  Or get married?  What will they miss out on  because they are unnecessarily suffering with something they have the ability to beat?

Honestly, I am very aware that I probably care more about my patients health than they do.  Still, that doesn’t give me a right to slack off on not knowing the best ways to help them succeed.  So if you want to be healthy, I DARE YOU TO FAIL.  I dare you to wake up every day with the mindset that every decision you make today will improve your health.  I dare you to know that although you’re tired, you’re going to suck it up and hit the gym.  I dare you to skip the Krispy Kreme’s because you want to move forward with your health while all your co-workers are failing.  I dare you to do everything you can for 1 month, 6 months, 1 year and fail at getting healthier!  What would happen if you made that commitment?  Where would you be?  Would you lose your drugs?  Would you be lighter?  Would your skin be more radiant?  Could you walk a mile?  What if you can’t now, but could run a marathon a year from now?

Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed.  I have just found 10,000 things that don’t work.”  Learn.  Read.  When you’re done reading, read some more.  Make a commitment.  Find someone to help you and hold you accountable.  If you’ve failed before, vow to not quit until you can’t possibly fail.

Yours in Health,

James Ashley, DC

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