Condition of the Month: Migraines

You’ve been there.  You get to work and all of a sudden, your vision starts to blur.  Maybe you begin to feel nauseated.  You’ve experienced this before.  You know exactly what’s coming.  It’s a migraine.  Migraines can be severely debilitating.

The problem with migraines is that there can be many causes.  In women, migraines can occur due to anemia and poor blood circulation.  Perhaps you have a job where you sit at the computer all day.  That as well can be a cause of a migraine.  Some issues with migraines are due to the foods you eat.  Things that are full of fake sugars are a trigger for some, but should be avoided by all.

Still other causes involve things that can be remedied by a chiropractor.  If you do have a job where you are seated in front of a computer all day, then you are predisposed to problems based on poor posture and increased probability of having your head shift forward which changes the curve in your neck and stretches out your spinal cord as much as 5-7 cm!  Not only does this affect your migraines, but it also affects the ability of your brain and spinal cord to properly transmit messages to the rest of your body including your vital organs.  Another issue that can be occurring is what is known as hemisphericity.  While this is a fancy term, it simply refers to abnormal communication between the hemispheres of your brain.  Using the principles of chiropractic neurology, we can test and see if this is a cause of your migraines.  If properly addressed, treatment of migraines through chiropractic can be very successful.

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Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC


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