Chiropractic and ADD/ADHD

The number of kids being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD is constantly on the rise. I believe it’s a shame and it’s not something that should be happening. When you look at ADD/ADHD, there is almost always significant brain imbalance. Many times, the entire brain isn’t being activated as it should, but also we will see significant differences in right vs. left function. When we have these miscommunications, focus is next to impossible, reading becomes a struggle, and real learning suffers. This is what I know to be 100% true: ADD/ADHD is and has never been caused by a lack of Ritalin. Your kids weren’t born with too little Ritalin in their bodies and that’s why they can’t focus. If your child has ADD/ADHD and you are looking for a natural alternative with the only side effects being increased health and vitality, then give us a call at 512-590-9660 and let us help you and your family get back into balance.




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