Cherish Your Children

I have to be honest with you today.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary has unbelievably deeply affected me.  See, I have a 6 year old first grader.  Her name is Bella.  She’s beautiful, creative, artistic, and sometimes a little bit crazy.  She could have been in that classroom.  Granted, I live in Texas so it’s not like we were anywhere close to it; however, from the moment I first heard, this has been very difficult for me as a parent.  I am very aware how lucky I am to have my girls.  They are blessings to everyone who meets them.

Yesterday I went out to do some Christmas shopping for them.  In the middle of it, I was convicted about the parents who will never have that opportunity again.  Those that probably have presents wrapped and waiting under their tree for their little one that will never be able to share in the joy of another Christmas, birthday, Halloween, summer vacation, whatever the case may be.  My heart breaks continually for those involved.  Then it hit me.  How unbelievably insignificant all the crap is that we buy.  Like any parent, I will tell you that my desire is to see the faces of my children light up on Christmas day.  But it’s not about the stuff.  It never has been.  We are marketed left and right to believe that we just need a bigger TV, the new gaming system, if we just had the hot toy for our kids…  I’m sure those parents would tell you, they’d trade everything for one more moment, one more second, one last “I love you!”  Those things that we are told we can’t live without and we have to have will never fulfill us.  Sure, they may be great for a time, but that goes away.

The problem we have isn’t a gun problem.  It’s bigger than that.  The reality is that we could ban all the guns, all the knives, all the baseball bats, etc. and none of that will ever solve the problem.  Our problem is evil.  That there are those that allow themselves to be taken over by evil and choose to do horrific things.  As long as there are people, we will have similar issues.  This type of thing has happened for thousands of years.  Maybe not to the degree and with the quickness that we saw this weekend, but it will continue.  As a Christian, I hold on to the good that I know to be Jesus.  That despite all my failures, all my faults, all my sins, all my evil, He still wanted me.  He still chose to sacrifice anyways.  I pray that more people could come to know the God that I know and love so dearly.

If I could leave you with anything, cherish your children.  Love them.  Hug them.  Play with them.  If you’re like me, maybe you need to get off of Facebook when you’re with them and pay attention to them.  Turn off the idiot box and share your life, your wisdom, your love.  Maybe if we had more parents doing this, we’d have less of the other issues in the world.

Yours in Health,

Dr. James Ashley, DC

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