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About the Doctor

Dr. James Ashley FamilyMy name is James Ashley.  I grew up in Taylor, married a girl from Hutto, and have 3 amazing daughters.  I am an athlete, former collegiate All-American, lifetime learner, teacher, and Doctor of Chiropractic. I specialize in muscle and neurological function, in fixing injured athletes or preventing injury in the first place, as well as natural pain relief without drugs or surgery.

Our treatment is different from many chiropractic offices, and works wonderfully, but it requires your participation. My number one priority is to make sure I listen to you and understand exactly what is going on.  My goal in treatment is to not only help to resolves your symptoms, but also give you the tools you need to be successful in health.  If you want someone that is going to support you and help guide you in the journey — not just giving you the same treatment over and over again, hoping that you’ll magically get better, then I may be the doctor you’ve been waiting for all your life.



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